Letter From Gen. Cook; Video Inbound

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Video details:

“TPL shareholders deserve to hear directly from me, and I look forward to answering their questions and addressing what is at stake during this important election,” said General Cook. “While serving on the boards of numerous large public and private companies over the years, one critical lesson I learned is that, at the helm of any successful company, you will find directors who are knowledgeable, professional, experienced in governance and committed to carefully evaluating a company’s growth strategy.”

Shareholders can view the video Q&A on Thursday, April 25 by visiting http://www.TrustTPL.com at 11:00 a.m. CT. A replay will be available beginning on Friday, April 26 on the website for those who are not able to tune in on Thursday. Shareholders who desire more information about General Cook’s background and his vision for TPL are encouraged to submit questions via email at AskGeneralCook@tpltrust.com by Wednesday, April 24 at 5:00 p.m. CT and to visit http://www.TrustTPL.com

Letter highlight:

I agree with the shareholders who made their voices heard in recent months and believe that what is needed most at this point in TPL’s history is expertise in corporate governance, with a focus on ensuring that the TPL team has the right resources and oversight to continue working safely and effectively. An understanding of the E&P landscape may be relevant, but as TPL expands its water services business and considers all aspects of its future, what is more important is a Trustee who has experience evaluating a wide range of situations, strategies and options for a ~$7 billion market cap public company. As a highly-experienced public and private company director, I have participated in several processes to prudently consider strategic options. In all modesty, I am the only nominee that brings that kind of experience to TPL.

More transparency from the Trust. Will submit some questions and will certainly watch.

3 thoughts on “Letter From Gen. Cook; Video Inbound

  1. With respect, I will temper my puzzlement at your belief you are the most qualified candidate, In all modesty, you likely never heard of TPL before you were dragged in by a search firm, or TPL lawyers (who by the way must have freaked out at the first TPL failed nominee). You might read your opponent’s qualifications, and then look at yours. You are not the best qualified. We need an experienced oilman, and gee, maybe one that actually owns units??? The mere fact that you are a substitute candidate with no oil and gas experience baffles me. Why not take Oliver up on his invite to debate?
    I have a lot vested in TPL, and after the first disastrous candidate , TPL ignoring very large owners with a great candidate in Oliver is baffling. My group of 7 owners is voting Oliver. VOTE WHITE not against

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  2. “In all modesty…” I have to say this a very generic pitch. Again, no disrespect to General Ripper, who is no doubt a fine upstanding man. But Oliver wins on specific knowledge and insights for this unique stock.

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  3. Can’t help being reminded of the 1992 VP debate when another honorable military fellow who was unfortunately a fish out of water:: Who am I? Why am I here?

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