3 thoughts on “Court of Public Opinion

  1. If these Trustees cared about public opinion, they would welcome conversation to a normal Board of Directors with annual shareholder meetings. Instead, they will be shocked by how angered they have made all their shareholders with these antics, as told by the final vote tallies.

    Also, after they lose this vote, I am thinking there is a likely chance each of the current trustees gets sued for taking actions that are directly contrary to the benefits of the beneficiaries for self enrichment purposes.

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    • Agreed. I’ve been calling around to assorted shareholders I’ve seen listed as owning large chunks in their 13Fs, and from what I can tell, Oliver is going to win this election by a very wide margin.

      I do hope that if he later uncovers any serious wrong doing and self-enrichment activities, that he does make that public. I am also interested to learn more about what Eric Oliver referred to regarding former CEO David Peterson, who now is working for a company that he sold assets to while working for TPL.

      It’s time shareholders take control of this thing!

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  2. I have been saying all along, the current self serving Trustees are hiding there self serving actions. I hope the have deep pockets.

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