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Click the top link. Video shot 4/16.

Transcript in 14A

What I want to say to all of you is this election is so important. There’s only been four elections in thirty years. And with a lifetime appointment, we may not have another meeting until another trustee dies or resigns. Which, actuaries tell me could be thirteen years. So Murray and Alan and I got our heads together and said this election is so important we need to at least let our voice be heard. That we think it’s time for modern corporate government. We think it’s time for term limits. We think it’s time to expand the board. To have real committees. Have functioning accountability and checks and balances in place. We believe it’s important that the board be represented by its owners. If my opponent is elected, it would be the least amount of ownership on the board in over fifty years, since the Frasier and the Meyer family have served for three generations. And finally, we think this third and final seat deserves to have an expert in the oil and gas and royalty and Permian Basin marketplace.

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  1. I love this guy! I love the video! This is so great! He has GIANT FUCKING MAPS OF TEXAS ON HIS WALL! This is the type of guy we need. He eats, sleeps, and breathes TPL. Oliver 2020!

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  2. This is great. Totally demystifies the formal snark of the epistolary PR duel. I love the maps; now wonder TPL management comes to him and his company for info. iPhone quality pretty great too. (He knows how to keep the operating costs down. LOL.) I just voted for him. Onwards.

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  3. Great video… The word “opponent” resonates. Not sure the video alone wins my vote but it displays where he is coming from for sure. And radio silence on the other side… just saying.

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  4. Short of a mutually-agreeable video forum for both candidates to discuss the issues and field questions, I think this is a great idea for a sensible, easily accessible video by Mr. Oliver to show he’s not the boogie man TPL is portraying him to be and to demonstrate his knowledge about and passion for TPL and the tremendous opportunities that exist. Hopefully there will be more videos in this series that go a bit further into his vision and to reassure shareholders that the Stahl/Oliver/Tessler team is not some Trojan Horse trying to infiltrate the board for some ulterior motive. I do not think that is the case but I want to hear more about his views on a.) why C-corp could make sense, b.) rationale and pathway to eliminating the “trustee for life” model, c.)why the water business needs to be re-evaluated, and d.) is there a possible takeover scenario down the road that could benefit ALL shareholders. I think he would be wise to not come in with concrete proposals at this point around these topics, but simply frame them as areas where a fresh voice would help drive an exploratory analysis to come back with the pros/cons of the options. Maybe no significant change would result, but at least we would have confidence that due diligence is occurring. I doubt we would ever see a Norris/Barry/Cook trio ever take a serious look at anything other than the status quo.

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