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  1. This is a surprisingly amount of detailed information from a company that has been invisible at the detail level. One has to wonder if they had shared this kind of information with quarterly updates for a few years prior to the trustee resignation, would the current proxy fight have happened?

    I have a better understanding now of the growing water business. Eight of the pages of the presentation are about water. Three interesting takeaways, 1) TPL wants to continue to be the largest water player in the Permian (evidently they are today the largest). 2) they are beginning construction of a new commercial recycling facility in q2 2019 3). They have at least 10 long run water contracts in place for 2-20 year terms. That makes me feel better about the capital spend now.

    Nice information, however not enough to make me change my mind, still voting the white card.

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  2. Please help to figure out the proxy material from my brokerage account.
    it says opposition recommendation For
    . SoftVest LP’s proposal to elect Eric L. Oliver as a trustee of the trust FOR
    reading the voting instructions it says that a vote of FOR is for the board of Directors recommendation. I do not understand. I believe the board of directors of Texas Pacific is against Mr. Oliver. when I called Fidelity no one would explain. How can I be sure that I am voting my shares for Mr Oliver.

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    • Hi Eva, I don’t see the specific voting instructions that you referenced. Look at the proxy document attached to the fidelity voting screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see the voting question proposed in the same way that you see it on the voting screen. “SoftVest’s proposal to elect….”. My belief is that you are voting FOR or AGAINST that specific sentence.


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