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I’m assuming it’s up at other brokerages or will be soon.

At, one has to login and then select “statements” from the All Accounts menu at the top.  From there, click “proxy materials”.  Once you vote there is an option to get a confirmation sent to your email.

Posted deadline is May 21, 2019 11:59 Eastern





Notice the “OPPOSITION RECOMMENDATION: FOR” line.  I haven’t voted yet.  That was pre-populated by Fidelity or

My experience says to take your time when clicking.  The system takes 20+ seconds to move on to the next screen.  Click once and wait for the screen to update.

Note that there is a blue hyperlink in the top left of the voting screen that will allow you to vote in person.  If you select that option a Legal Proxy will be generated for you to carry to the meeting.

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  1. i went to my fidelity account and have the proxy. They way it is worded i am not sure of how my vote is being cast. Above it is says opposition vote for. I need to be sure of the vote I am making.

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    • I think they are trying to make it black and white as a vote “FOR” or “AGAINST” Eric Oliver as Trustee. My belief is that clicking “FOR” is a vote for the Eric Oliver/White card. I’m going to look at it some more though. Will update if I come to a different conclusion.


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