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Overall very little change (that I can see) from the preliminary proxy materials filed on 4/5.

One add:

Important Notice Regarding the Availability of Proxy Materials for the Special Meeting — This Proxy Statement and our WHITE proxy card are available at: www.ViewMaterial.com/TPL


The following, to me, is the most important part of the filing:

We are soliciting your support to elect Mr. Oliver at the Special Meeting because we expect that he, as a trustee and subject to his duties as such, will encourage the other trustees and the Trust to (1) explore the Conversion, as well as any other opportunities available to maximize value for holders of Shares and (2) be more transparent and frequent on updates to holders of Shares (e.g., drilling updates, drilled and uncompleted well updates, water production, water injection volumes, and engineering reports). In that regard, we understand that if elected Mr. Oliver will be only one of three trustees, such that effecting any of the foregoing will require the agreement of one or both of the other trustees.

4 thoughts on “White Proxy Finalized

  1. tonight i got a call about the election of the trustee. I gather that that the trust is calling shareholders to vote for their trustee. I will \cast my shares for Mr. Oliver as if that could make a difference. I wonder if that is a fair advantage as they must be able to know who the shareholders are and too try to get their votes. Do the ones who are on the opposite side have that advantage?

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  2. Eva, what kind of questions were asked in the phone call you received? I’m curious if the pitch is to present the virtues of the trust’s nominee or to demonize Mr. Oliver.

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