3 thoughts on “Reuters Weighs In

  1. My view on this whole situation is that HK and their ilk might be inviting more risk to the current situation than can be appropriately appreciated at this time. Between water operations, rights of way access, land sale and purchase, etc… I think it is more complicated than ppl who sit behind a bloomberg terminal think. I am also suspect of HK’s motivation. They have a huge stake an in illiquid asset. Anything that creates more liquidity is a win for them. Any outcome that involves selling the trust, I am fine with. Parachuting a new, more aggressive management team isn’t the right move, IMO.

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    • Most conglomerate type businesses trade at a discount. Separating them could realize value.The current corporate structure won’t allow it. One portion will probably trade at a premium PE. While another portion will yield a significant amount as a royalty trust.

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  2. I wish people would remember all we are voting for is ONE board member. And what I think we ought to consider is if this new board member can work with the other board members to move the company forward. If he opposes most of the issues brought by the other two board members WE the stockholders have caused a major problem for ourselves. Question: Has this proposed board member met and talked to the other two board member to see if the is common ground?

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