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My never ending quest to find and link all available $TPL analysis on the web continues.  Here are a few pieces from 2017 written by Mission Advisors.  Will dig in post some quotes in the coming days.






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  1. This is good material….thanks for finding and posting. Looks like Mission Advisors is active with a private fund for buying oil and gas revenues, so they sre well informed. Was impressed with the forecast of late 2017 they made, accurate within 10% for 2018 revenue. Pretty good given the many variables.

    His forecast is calling for revenue of nearly 3x 2018 in 8 years, 2026. That is an amazing amount of growth, which could have a dramatic impact on the stock price! Of course many things can change reality, but it gives a ballpark estimate of what could be possible.

    Thanks for your work on this blog. Between you and HK, its the only place for intelligent updates about TPL.

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