3 thoughts on “Another Insider Buy

  1. This is nice to see….of the three directors, only Meyer has a significant position. Would like to see the other two, and Tyler and Glover have some real quantities of shares. Then again, since TPL cannot award stock options and grants to anyone, at least they are not getting “free shares” every year.

    Off topic, it looks like the tax end of year selling is over, based on the price action and strong upward moves since 12/24. Thanks Santa!

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  2. Agree, always nice to see insiders buying. The Trust, in and of itself, in line with it’s long-term mission of liquidation would probably say it is neutral about share price so that it can continue to buyback more shares at lower prices, but when the individual trustees have their own skin in the game, it reassures me that they are driven to see TPL increase earnings and drive up the price. Great last two days for sure!

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