1888 : Declaration of Trust (link to sec filing)

Declaration of Trust

FIRST. The said Charles J. Canda, Simeon J. Drake and William Strauss and the survivors and survivor of them, and their successors or successor in the trust (hereinafter, for brevity, styled “the Trustees“), shall have and exercise the management, control and ownership (both legal and equitable) of the said lands, premises and property. They shall have all the powers in respect of said property of an absolute owner, as to selling, granting, leasing, alienating, improving, encumbering or otherwise disposing of the same or of any part or parcel thereof, and they may, whenever they shall deem it necessary or advisable for the protection or benefit of the property or any part thereof, purchase other lands and premises, and when purchased such other lands and premises shall be held and managed by the said trustees under the terms and provisions of this declaration of trust in the same manner as the lands and premises hereinbefore described are held and managed.

The lands may be sold for cash, or partly for cash and partly on credit, and the trustees may, in their discretion, accept in payment, in lieu of money, certificates of proprietary interest issued under the terms hereof, at their current market price, not exceeding par, and the same when so received shall be canceled; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to require the trustees to accept such certificates in payment for lands.

The trustees shall have power to purchase and acquire, in their discretion, any of the outstanding Income and Land Grant bonds and scrip of the Texas and Pacific Railway Company for the benefit of the trust, and they shall have full power and authority to borrow from time to time such sums of money as they shall deem necessary to enable them to purchase such bonds and scrip and also to pay taxes and other expenses connected with the trust, and to secure repayment of the sums so borrowed by a pledge or mortgage of the trust property or any part thereof. In case of such purchase or acquisition the certificate or certificates of proprietary interest under this trust representing the securities so purchased or acquired shall be canceled by the trustees, or, in their discretion, sold and disposed of for the benefit of the trust; and any and all second mortgage bonds of the Texas and Pacific Railway Company which said trustees may receive or acquire as holders of any Income and Land Grant bonds so purchased shall be held or disposed of by the trustees in their discretion for the benefit of the trust.

The trustees shall have power to employ such agents, attorneys and servants as they may think necessary and proper in the execution of their trust, and they shall not be liable for the default or misconduct or any act or omission whatsoever of any such agent, attorney or servant, provided said trustees are not guilty of willful carelessness and negligence in their selection or in providing for their selection; nor shall any of said trustees be liable for the default, negligence, misconduct or any act or omission whatsoever of any other of said trustees, but only for his own willful default, negligence or omission. The said trustees shall receive as compensation for their services, the sum of four thousand dollars per annum to be paid to the chairman and two thousand dollars per annum to be paid to each of the other two trustees.

All the powers of the trustees under this declaration of trust may be executed by a majority of the trustees. Any trustee may, by power of attorney, confer upon the other two trustees or either of them full power and authority to make, execute, acknowledge and deliver on his behalf deeds of conveyance of any of the trust property and any and all other instruments in writing relating thereto or any part thereof.