Share Your Proposal

Readers: With your permission, I’m happy to post any and all shareholder proposals that have been sent to TPL for consideration. I will link to them below as they are received. Could be a good way to ensure that your proposal sees the light of day. Please send along if interested.

5 thoughts on “Share Your Proposal

  1. With regard to proposals now, I thionk we ought to wait for a better insight as to the role of a company like TPL. The future of ESG will be in jeopardy about all of these so called community and environmental and social demands of companies that have no part of their real Americal Capitalism freedom, We have already hooked up witha Crypto currency venture risk (how’s your bitcon doing these days?) and alternative light density ventures and related regulations, again we want to look like Bidenomics disruption, Before we make any future prognositcation when we look good one day and then another not. Let’s get ready to take maximum of market income, while we have it, keep the dividends rolling in and see what happens after the voters have spoken and the lame duck losers try to milk their no fossil spoils and our pocketbooks.


  2. With a corporate governance that seems to be making up the rules as they go, I wonder if a shareholder proposal could be based around certain events being required to trigger a disclosure and vote by shareholders. For example, back in the proxy battle year, wasn’t there rumblings of a takeover bid that never materialized but wasn’t disclosed? I could see the entrenched board members choosing to ignore such developments that would be of great interest to real shareholders unless they were required to disclose. Regarding a takeover, every shareholder has their price to sellout (mine would be 2k). C’mon Mr. Buffett, empty your change pocket! You know this would be a good investment that fits your strategy. Despite what the current administration pipe dreams, fossil fuels aren’t going away anytime soon.

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  3. I propose Barry and Norris quit the Board and start a restaurant with Dana In San Antonio. Call it Dinero Para Nada. They can use their TPL stock to pay for it. Then they should hire a Cook. Preferably one with a military background.


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