One thought on “Mission Appeals

  1. Another county heard from. Wait, let’s see….hmmm a failed crony first trustee nominee…tons of failed mailings and ads as they know they are losing, a frivolous lawsuit that better be paid personally by the two trustees, they absolutely cannot find(when presented with one) an oilman in Texas, huge self administered raises,postponing the meeting then trying to hold a sham meeting, bad crony governance, ignoring large AND small unit holders, zero communication until they realized they are losing…WHERE ARE THE GREAT TRUST BUSTERS ???
    we need to check NY securities law……oh yeah, even when paying themselves millions I still own more units…if Gen Cook is so pro great governance he should withdraw…ps hey General…good governance is not the insecurity of a sham lawsuit agains a large unit holder.. its also not ignoring your largest holders let alone threatening them……if you all acted as public co you’d all be out on your asses….
    these mission guys-take a look at their website…..cannot imagine-or have they stopped claiming-they’re the second largest holder …call Texas BS on that, boys
    hey Tustees,,,,at this point, after your bad acts, do the right American thing….resign

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