Thanks for reading and visiting.  This all started as a scrapbook of sorts on my favorite holding but lately has taken on a life of its own.  It’s clear to me that owners of TPL are passionate bunch.  And the bunch appears to be expanding.  Biggest day ever today.  View stats below.


8 thoughts on “Eyeballs

  1. Well, it turns out the blog hit 1,000 before the stock price did… I bet the stock price will not be that far behind! Thanks for doing this website, definitely a great website and I enjoy reading the articles that you publish. Exciting times to be invested in TPL. At what point does management realize that they have to get 2 out of ever 3 votes in order to just get tied with HK and crew. I’m sorry but the recent 4 star general is a PR stunt and we deserve better. At what point in time does management realize that they are trapped in the sunk cost fallacy? Again, congrats on the website – I have said it once and I will say it again, great work!

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  2. I said it many times before, love this place. Thank you so much for keeping us all posted, it’s the best source for daily perspective and info sharing on TPL I’ve found. The guys @ SA do a good job too, but just not the same. Congrats on your success!

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  3. Thanks TPLblogger….I REALLY appreciate your site and frequent updates on a stock that is invisible to most of the investing world. Your success is due to both timely updates, and your measured common sense views. And being ahead of the curve for what has been a transformative time for TPL. With the fun of the director proxy fight it will be interesting how quickly you have a 2000 handle on the eyeball count.

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