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  1. I really appreciate what you’re doing with this blog. I only learned about TPL a few weeks ago and found it very difficult to find information. The upside is that those who do have/share information appear to be a tight knit group that are open to giving their views and sharing their information and ideas. I look forward to be a contributing member of this following.

    Thanks for this blog, it’s great!


  2. Fascinating that 24 of the 25 top TPL shareholders appear to be institutional holders. With 14,000 shares needed to be in the top 25, any idea how many shares would be needed to rank in the top 10 if the list was just I individual investors?


  3. Hi Jeff, I think that might be impossible to find to determine as individual holders aren’t required to disclose their quantity owned. I’m sure there are some smart / savvy / patient / lucky holders out there that hold in excess of 10k shares based on how well some of the folks have been on the yahoo and seeking alpha message boards. That said, I have no way of knowing the magnitude.

    Hold in good health!


  4. Remarkable that Horizon Kinetics (HK) owns around 25% of the total shares outstanding, far and away the top position. I agree that it is good to see it adding to its position, and to hear the overall bullish remarks coming from Murray Stahl. As long as HK continues to have a positive outlook on the stock, it’s like we have a built in safety net because even if TPL were to experience a 10-20% correction at some point, we have to think Murray will be in there buying with both hands on the dips. It does concern me a bit that HK has so much leverage to manipulate the price with large sell orders. For example, some have noted on the Yahoo board that they have seen instances of large sales by HK to drive down the price, then immediately buy back at similar volume, presumably to improve their cost basis. Minor complaint, however, since I think it is overall good that we can gain so much insight through HK’s commentary on TPL.

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